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Regular columnists, editorials, and even the image banners that accompany each story, are thought provoking, humorous and irreverent.

Our vision is not just to supply a rehash of media releases and PR pamphlets. We aim to be provocative, entertaining, and yes, of course, informative. It’s about ideas and information from and to all sectors of our industry, here in Canada, in the US, and internationally. also has a sizable (and ever increasing) number of consumer readers – particularly those who travel frequently. If it is pertinent to the travel industry here, you’ll read about it in




Jen Savedra began after a long career and considerable experience in various sectors of travel and tourism. She first gained valuable insight into the electronic and internet aspect of travel by designing, producing and operating the first travel channel for AOL Canada. AOL was at that time the only internet travel channel - a forerunner to Travelocity and Expedia.

An accomplished writer and artist, Jen is dedicated to producing a publication that differentiates itself from the pack. One that pulls no punches, and - along with being a forum for news and ideas - is easy to navigate and always fun to read.

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Among the first inductees, and the first woman, named to the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame, Vicki Borenstein is a well known and highly regarded figure in the Canadian travel industry. She began her travel career with CP Air and later, as owner and founder of The Last Minute Club, bought The Wholesale Travel Group from Mike Overs of Pizza Pizza, making her the owner of the two largest individually held travel agencies in the country. Vicki, an acknowledged marketing expert, then ran two brands that were each other’s biggest competitors.

After selling the companies Vicki retired from retail travel to pursue a career in residential real estate and other investment interests. She acted as an advisor and consultant to from its inception and agreed, finally, to formally take on the role of publisher.

“With writers and columnists of this calibre, the publisher’s job is the easiest one in the house. I see my role as one of keeping the business aspects and vision of focused as we move forward.”

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MIKE BAGINSKI – Editor at Large

Mike Baginski joined in 2018 as editor at large. Mike is well known and respected within the industry across Canada, the US, in the Caribbean, Mexico and numerous other destinations outside North America.

He is a veteran journalist and editor, most notably for many years at Baxter Travel Media. Mike’s incisive reports, interviews and his individual and distinct take on our industry, as often evinced in his ‘At Large’ columns, have already made him a valued voice at and an invaluable member of the team.

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PAM FIAMELLI – Lifestyles Editor

With parents who owned a travel agency, Pam literally grew up in the industry and is well versed in all thing “travel.” Her writing has been published in local, national and international publications, and her career has also involved telecommunications and sales, including working with the RMR Group as sales and promotion manager for Visit Florida.

Writing as Pam Stellini, her quirky outlook and wry humour are apparent in her occasional column, ‘Without Reservations’, which until recently, ran bi-weekly in this publication. Taking on new responsibilities as lifestyles editor, Pam now plays an essential role in the writing, editing and production of

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