31 JUL 2012: Enough already. We’ve all been frustrated by “chair savers” on cruise ships and resorts. Deck chairs or lounges in prime locations left empty for hours guarded only by a carelessly tossed towel or beach novel.

Now, it’s Carnival to the rescue. The cruise line is testing a programme to reclaim "saved" deck chairs.

John Heald, the line's senior cruise director, wrote on Facebook that starting on the Carnival Breeze, crew would monitor "seat saving" by walking the decks and placing a sticker with the current time on any chair "unused but saved with towels, books, shoes, baby Yaks or underpants."

If the chair is still empty 40 minutes later, the crew will remove the articles and take them to the towel station by the main pool.

"We went with 40 minutes, as we felt that this was a fair amount of time if guests get up to eat, drink, pee, swim or slide," Heald said.

The announcement was made to Breeze passengers on his morning show, on the in-cabin TVs and by shipboard announcements..

Heald wrote that the Breeze crew would test the programme and make adjustments, and then roll it out to the rest of the Carnival fleet.

Other ships and resorts take note.

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Jen Savedra

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