Margaret Swaine

Margaret is a nationally published wine, spirits, food and travel writer, who has authored well over 2,000 articles on these subjects for magazines and newspapers. She also writes the weekly Forks & the Road travel column for the National Post newspaper.

Margaret's column The Global Gourmet runs on alternate Thursdays.


10 OCT 2019: A recent survey conducted by KAYAK and OpenTable found that almost three quarters (74 percent) of Canadians would prefer authentic local dining to something familiar. Furthermore, Canadians are 38 percent more likely than Americans to book a trip based on culinary offerings. We will fly for food and these two companies have banded together to make it easier to do so. MORE

26 SEP 2019: Cape May, America’s first seaside resort, is at the very southern end of the Jersey Shore. The coastal region of New Jersey encompasses about 227 km of oceanfront bordering the Atlantic Ocean starting from Perth Amboy in the north. So why drive all the way down the coast to exit zero of the Garden State Parkway? To view and enjoy the Cape May’s amazing historic preservation of Victorian properties. MORE

12 SEP 2019: Not all tourists want to follow the crowd. Some prefer to go where few have gone before and there are distinct advantages to this approach. Europe’s least visited and poorest country has geared up to beckon tourists and I discovered some gems there this August. Here are ten reasons to visit the Republic of Moldova now.   MORE

29 AUG 2019: You don’t necessarily have to travel far for new drinking and dining experiences. This summer I drove to Peterborough and the Kawarthas, about 90 minutes from Toronto, to discover a new brewery, winery, distillery and restaurant all top notch and run by local entrepreneurs. MORE

15 AUG 2019: Is the food really improving on Air Canada? The answer is a qualified yes. The carrier just announced this month the addition of a fourth member to the airline's panel of celebrated Canadian culinary and wine talent, Chef Antonio Park. There is more work to be done, but the momentum is forward and that’s good. MORE

01 AUG 2019: Every time we mentioned to Croatians that we were taking the train from Split to Zagreb we were met with eyes filled with a combo of horror and pity. “No don’t take the train,” they would say emphatically. It was a six to eight hour journey depending upon the train, but how bad could it be I wondered. MORE

18 JUL 2019: Early every morning we were awoken by harmonious male voices singing a capella style without instruments. The volume was such that it sounded like they were at the foot of our bed. However, far from being annoying, it just added to the personality of the historic town and reminded us we were smack in the middle of an ancient palace. MORE

A Game of Throngs
04 JUL 2019: Lately Dubrovnik has been getting a lot of unwanted attention as a poster child for over tourism. The number of visitors to this walled port with a thousand year old heritage has soared in recent years thanks in part to its role as Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. Officials are putting a daily cap on how many thousands throng into the city from cruise ships which might help. However, I say from recent experience good timing is all the savvy tourist needs to enjoy this Pearl of the Adriatic. MORE

20 JUN 2019: Some hotels are so iconic they are a destination. Such is the case with the Negresco Hotel, listed as a National Historic Building of France in 2003. It overlooks the famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice at one of the most beautiful points of view on the Bay of Angels. The Negresco’s 6,200 piece art collection on full display throughout the hotel is a mosaic of classical and contemporary spanning five centuries of art. The hotel’s future however is uncertain. MORE

06 JUN 2019: Even on a regular non-descript day Monaco is packed with millionaires. The second smallest country in the world by area, it’s also the most densely populated and the richest in per capita wealth. A stay at Monte-Carlo’s great 1864 landmark, the Hôtel de Paris put my husband and I in the centre of all this glitz and glam for a thrilling few days. MORE

23 MAY 2019: For both wine and history, Mainz is the place to visit in Germany. One of the country’s oldest cities, it was founded by the Roman commander Drusus around 13 B.C.  A member of the global network of Great Wine Capitals, it’s the capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and a fine base for travelling to most of Germany’s wine regions. In the city centre are several attractions of major importance. MORE

Tucked Away in Württemberg
09 MAY 20189: A visit to the wine region of Württemberg in southwestern Germany will quickly dispel with two myths about German wines: that they are white and that they are all sweet. In this region, which forms part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, over 70 percent of the grape varietals are red and most of the top quality wines are dry. On my recent visit, I also found other interesting Swabian quirks that makes this a fun place for travel. MORE

25 APR 2019: As the dispute and turmoil over Brexit continues in Britain, now with the deadline to exit extended to Halloween, no irony intended, I got to thinking about British pubs. Perfect places for heated debate, creative writing or just drowning sorrows, they were often the linchpin of a community. Today’s tourists can find along with that insight into a neighbourhood, a great meal at a value price. The trick is knowing how to locate the best. MORE

11 Apr 2019: Even since reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, John Berendt's 1994 true crime novel set in a sultry atmospheric Savannah, the city has been on my travel bucket list. Georgia’s oldest city, it was once an English colony and boasts historic mansions, 22 inner city park-like squares and more than 100 restaurants serving up southern hospitality. MORE

CUVEE 2019
A Toast to Ontario Wine
28 MAR 2019: The Cuvée Grand Tasting is the largest celebration of Ontario VQA wine in the country. This year’s 31st annual event which took place last weekend at Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, drew a record crowd of close to 900 people. It helps highlight the $4.4-billion Ontario wine industry and includes top restaurants from the Niagara area. I always find exciting culinary surprises and delicious new wines to write about every time I attend. MORE

14 MAR 2019: Decades ago when I lived in Ottawa and worked in politics, I was decidedly unimpressed by the restaurants and bars in the city. Fast forward to today and I have to say that Ottawa has a cool factor and it’s not just the weather. Things have vastly improved – not in the antics of politicians - but at least in food and drink. MORE

28 FEB 2019: Is it thanks to global warming, or is it just that the time has come for the UK’s wineries to thrive and shine? There are now over 500 commercial vineyards in the UK (England and Wales) and some 165 wineries. At the gala dinner this winter organised by Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) and hosted by the Worshipful Company of Vintners, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall added royal glamour to an already glittering success story.   MORE

14 FEB 2019: At an event in Gatineau last week, Andrew Macfarlane, Airport Product Design Manager announced that Air Canada’s ambition is to be a top ten global airline carrier. The airline at present sits in number 30 position in the list of the best so I was excited to hear it has set such a lofty goal. At the very least this means better wines, food and lounges are coming.   MORE

31 JAN 2019: Long gone are the days of Scottish whisky distilleries being mothballed and London Dry gins in limited selection. Spirits are on a roll in the UK and the number of new distilleries popping open are astonishing with the equivalent of one distillery opening every week last year. Even more surprising, England now has more distilleries than Scotland, which has traditionally been the dominant distiller in the nation due to its rich Scotch whisky heritage. How is that? MORE

17 JAN 2019: Belize’s popularity as a must-visit destination in Central America set unprecedented records in 2018. In the busiest month overnight visitors were up almost 25 percent over the year before. Cruise passenger arrivals to Belize has exceeded one million visitors annually in the past few years. What’s driving this Central American nation to trend so hot? MORE

03 JAN 2019: While 2018 was a rather tumultuous year on the political front, for culinary tourism, it was again a boom year. There are ever more food and drink “routes” focusing on a region’s wine, craft beers or spirits, or particular culinary pride such as the apple pie, butter tart and cinnamon bun trails in Canada. It seems just about every major city now has walking food tours, food festivals and restaurant weeks. Here are some of my food and drink highlights from my travels last year. MORE

20 DEC 2018: Consumer preferences are shifting – as they always do – when it comes to food. Here’s a look at some of the top trends to consider when creating travel itineraries for groups or individuals. The plant based movement, root to stem cooking and restaurant robotics are among the trends gaining steam. MORE

06 DEC 2018: Many Canadians, including my family members, make an annual trip to New York City around this time of year. Some go to shop and view the legendary Christmas windows at places such as Macy’s Herald Square. (This year's theme “Believe In The Wonder Of Giving,” debuts Sunny the Snowpal.) Others are drawn to Times Square on New Years Eve for the iconic ball drop. My aunts and mother take in theatre shows. All have to eat. So here are some suggestions for those heading to the Big Apple. MORE

22 NOV 2018: You might not think of Newfoundland as a culinary destination, but you should. What’s on the menu is often locally foraged, hunted or fished and based on authentic traditions. On my recent road trip around the province with my husband, we dined well. While the top inn we visited is worthy of everyone’s bucket list, no matter how much scrimping and saving it takes, the other spots all had their own particular charms. MORE

A Royal Winers Affair
08 NOV 2018: Last weekend at the invitation of the Royal Winers, I sat on a panel for the Judgement of Kingston 2018. How could I say no? It was a fundraiser for the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario. Just as compelling, it gave me a chance to check out the scene in Kingston and what I had to judge couldn’t have been more pleasurable to my palate. MORE