14 AUG 2019: United Airlines is setting an earlier cut-off time when pilots must stop drinking alcohol before flights. The airline is telling pilots they must abstain from alcohol for 12 hours before flights, up from a previous ban lasting eight hours.

The change in the so-called bottle-to-throttle rule comes after two United pilots were arrested in Scotland and charged with suspicion of being under the influence before a flight to the US.

The old 8-hour limit complied with Federal Aviation Administration rules, which also prohibit pilots from flying with a blood-alcohol content at or above 0.04%.

Earlier this month, a flight attendant on a United flight was arrested and charged with public intoxication when she was alleged to have drunkenly passed out on a United flight from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana.

United was quick to distance themselves from the incident which occurred on United 4849, saying in a statement to CNN, "Please reach out to Air Wisconsin for their statement about their flight attendant. You may already know this was not a United flight attendant or crew."

A United Airlines spokesman says the new policy was sent to pilots a week ago and took effect last Saturday.

No word on flight attendants.

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