14 AUG 2019: A Quebec Superior Court judge has authorized a class action lawsuit against Air Canada over fuel surcharges. The lawsuit argues the country's largest airline “illegally overcharged its customers” by more than double the cost of fuel on some flights.

The legal action claims Air Canada misrepresented the stated purpose of the surcharge, which was to partially offset the fluctuating price of jet fuel.

Michael Vathilakis, the petitioner's lawyer, cites one example in which Air Canada allegedly charged business and economy passengers 105 percent more than the fuel cost on a flight to Paris in January 2014.

The lawsuit says each economy passenger on that flight paid $238 in fuel surcharges alone - $163 more than they should have according to Air Canada's contract definition of the charge. It says the airline took in $73,878 in fuel supplements on the flight, rather than the $23,164 it should have charged.

The suit states Air Canada's contract with consumers allows it to charge them within a 33 percent variation in the cost of fuel, based on price history and adjusted for inflation.

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