25 APR 2019: A skunky smell greeting travellers at Edmonton's airport doesn't mean stinky critters are running loose in the area. The less-than-pleasant aroma is coming from the Edmonton International Airport's new neighbour - Aurora Sky - which produces more than 100-thousand kilograms of cannabis per year.

Aurora Cannabis, the company that operates the grow facility, is going to great lengths to mitigate any pot odour wafting over to the airport.

Since the completion of the facility in January, the company has introduced two new exhaust units for deodorization, added 800 air filters throughout processing areas and more than 13-hundred pocket filters throughout the grow bays.

The facility also has an air misting system and specialized carbon and charcoal filtration units that absorb impurities from the air.

Cam Battley, chief corporate officer of Aurora Cannabis, says the company is doing this to be a good neighbour.

Battley says the company does daily aroma audits at its 800-thousand-square-foot facility, adding that the smell seems to be strongest at dust and dawn.


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