11 FEB 2019: Travel agency, airline company and hotelier Corendon has transported a Boeing 747-400 from Schiphol airport to a hotel in Amsterdam, where it arrived yesterday. The 150-ton plane arrived in the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel, and will be converted into a 5D-experience about the 747 and the history of aviation later this year.

The dismantled Boeing jet began its last journey from Schiphol Airport last Tuesday night, where it was placed on a trailer to cover the 12.5 kilometers to the hotel, crossing 17 ditches, highway A9 and one provincial road.

It was parked backwards into the hotel garden, requiring 57 movements.

The Boeing 747 is the former KLM aircraft 'City of Bangkok,' which has now been painted in the colours of Corendon in Rome.

It has been stripped of all serviceable parts, including the engines.

The hotel opened last year in the former headquarters of Sony. With over 680 rooms, suites and apartments it is the largest hotel in the Benelux. Guests have a clear view of Schiphol Airport.

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