27 JUN 2013: A US Airways flight attendant was boarding her flight from Rome's Fiumicino Airport to Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday when she was stopped by border police. Officials found a disabled .40 calibre Sig Sauer revolver in her carry-on bag. She was arrested and charged with possession of an unauthorised firearm.

According to Gazzetta del Sud, there were also 40 rounds of ammunition in the luggage, of which five had been spent.

She is in custody in the Civitavecchia prison, pending a full investigation of the case.

A spokesman for US Airways confirmed that the company was aware of the incident. "Airline officials are in contact and cooperating with local authorities," he told the Charlotte Observer.

Italy's gun laws are fairly restrictive when compared to those of the US, and only those who can prove they have a good reason to carry a handgun are legally allowed to do so.

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