02 JUN 2011: A new "Inflight Emergency-911 Service" will conceivably make flights safer and more secure when airlines begin deploying the emergency call service aboard commercial aircraft.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that InFlight Labs, which developed air-to-ground communication services for passengers using Wi-Fi, have announced they will launch a new "Inflight Emergency-911 Service" that will help airline pilots and staff alert up to 100 government agencies or emergency personnel simultaneously in the event of an in-flight crisis.

A single touch will allow the pilot or a flight crew member to access a secure network providing immediate two-way communication between the aircraft and the Inflight 911 team on the ground along with numerous government agencies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, the FBI or the CIA.

The service can also be deployed outside the US and the Chronicle says it will work even if the aircraft is on the ground.

The InFlight Emergency-911 Service uses the existing Wi-Fi Internet service installed aboard many commercial aircraft today.

"Inflight 911 Services is the perfect 'Plan B' for airline staff when ground or controller tower personnel cannot be reached," says the manufacturer.

Who points out that such a service would have been useful during the recent rash of incidents that involved commercial aircraft pilots being unable to reach sleeping air traffic controllers.

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