Ann Wallace

Ann and Nigel spent last winter sailing the Caribbean and Florida before settling into a comfy stay on the Thames in central London for seven months. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better the intrepid pair are heading for Europe.  Stay tuned.


Quebec dazzles in the winter
18 OCT 2010: If you have clients looking for a winter getaway, may I suggest that they look no farther than our own Québec … a region that celebrates winter with a variety of exciting outdoor adventures, that offers a wide range of accommodation – from luxurious to cozy – and enough delicious food to satisfy Old Man Winter himself. MORE

How to become a Scottish landowner
07 OCT 2010: Ahh … whisky! Last week’s story about Porter Airlines and its single malt initiative reminded me. My husband is a Scottish landowner. And not just any old land. The land of which he is proud owner is part of the Laphroaig (pronounced La-fróyg) Distillery on the island of Islay (pronounced ‘I-le’ … the residents there are very particular about the pronunciation of their island). MORE

Being there
07 SEP 2010: (Filed SEP 05) It's an old Chinese proverb (or, some believe, a curse) ... "may you live in interesting times". Well, Mother Nature had already presented me with an interesting situation when I was stranded in England earlier this year by the Icelandic volcano. Some of you read about it. Now Nature has dealt me another card ... I'm in Nova Scotia as Hurricane Earl does his work. MORE

Who’s up for Flying Pasties
17 AUG 2010: Call me naïve if you must. I can take it. But until last week I thought a pastie was a pastry turnover filled with meat and vegetables, a speciality of England’s west country, especially Cornwall. Not necessarily so, I now learn. MORE

This is nobody speaking
22 JUL 2010: If the 360° see-through walls of the futuristic Airbus Concept Plane sounds scary (see yesterday’s story Into the Future), how do you feel about passenger planes flying without pilots? MORE

News from the world of travel and advertising
20 JUL 2010: Passengers on a recent Horizon Air flight from Seattle to Portland received something they weren’t expecting: free food. It wasn’t exactly a tasty nutritious meal, but it was free. In fact, the passengers were the first audience ever to experience the newest medium for marketers courtesy of Air Advertainment. MORE

But before snuggling in…
07 JUN 2010: Some of them came out in their slippers, pyjamas and dressing gowns. To trendy Brassaii Restaurant in downtown Toronto, no less. And very welcome they were made, not only by the restaurant’s efficient staff, but also by the guests at the event. We were gathered to greet our sleep-wear attired colleagues from Québec who were in Toronto to stage a mini-marketplace to promote some of the summer offerings in La Belle Province. MORE

Checking their Crystal Balls
17 MAY 2010: Serious issues were on the agenda, and the setting was suitably august. No hip-hop, trendy location for us last Tuesday. We were a small group of media and travel industry members gathered for lunch and the fifth annual Leisure Travel Summit at the venerable University Club of Toronto; gathered to discuss travel – past, present and, especially, future – with a group of senior travel experts. MORE

Today columnist Ann Wallace was stranded in London
28 APR 2010: “So … will it be referred to as an ‘ashcation’ or a ‘volcanation’?” My daughter and I are in a London pub, exchanging some banter with a group of friendly Brits who are obviously amused to have met some people stranded by the European ban on flying due to the Iceland volcano. We have large drinks in our hands. But it hadn’t all been fun. MORE

Air Canada Vacations gets exotic
30 MAR 2010: Air Canada Vacations unveiled their new brochure covering South America, the South Pacific and Asia to a group of agents and media yesterday. The setting was The Spice Route, a suitably exotic restaurant in downtown Toronto, where ACV president and CEO, Zeina Gedeon, Nino Montagnese, vice president sales and marketing, , Rob McChlery the newly appointed director of sales, and Aubrey Schmidt the new sales manager, International Product, spoke enthusiastically about all that is happening at ACV. MORE

This guy's been there, seen that
29 MAR 2010: Do your clients somewhat smugly consider themselves well-travelled? Do they have a list of countries they have visited - like an outlaw has notches on his gun belt? Are they confident that in their lifetime they will set foot in all 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, or are they already members of the Travel Century Club, an exclusive club open only to those who have visited 100 or more countries? MORE

Landmark celebrations
23 MAR 2010: They did it on the London Eye and New York’s Empire State Building. They also did it on Sydney’s Opera House and on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. And they did it on Toronto’s CN Tower, too. Yes, to celebrate Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day, all those unmistakable landmarks, in different corners of the world, were lit bright green. MORE

Low and high
22 MAR 2010: What will travel by like in the future? Perhaps things will stay much the same. But things never stay the same, so that’s not the answer. Perhaps we won’t be able to travel as much as we expect to … relegated to a retirement on our bicycles, pedalling furiously off on rough trails or old, pot-holed roads to neighbouring villages. Or perhaps travel will exceed our expectations and challenge our imaginations. Perhaps it will take on a ‘star wars’ quality … after all, there have already been space tourists, British adventurer Sir Richard Branson among them. And the Virgin Atlantic boss has already unveiled the world’s first commercial spaceship. MORE

The ‘Grand Hotel’ of European Riverboats 05 FEB 2010: As spring and summer approach, many of your clients may be thinking of a calm-water cruise on the inland waterways of Europe. There are many cruise lines to choose from but, let’s be honest, few of these river ships would win a beauty contest! However… the moment your clients step aboard the elegant, Premicon Queen they will know this is going to be a five-star experience. MORE

Turn Off Your “Envy” Switches Before Reading 27 JAN 2010: “How did you feel when you heard you’d won?” I asked. It was a silly question, really. When you’ve just been selected out of 34,000 applications for ‘The Best Job in the World’ how did I expect him to feel? “Shocked … blown away … thrilled,” was the reply. I was chatting with congenial Ben Southall, the now-renowned chosen one; chosen to spend six months (not alone, mind you, but with Canadian girlfriend Bre along) experiencing all the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia has to offer. MORE

Trying to make it a home away fom home 14 DEC 2009: I stay in hotels quite often. Good ones, usually. And as I’m a business traveller I’m always alone. I consider myself lucky because, unlike many people, I nearly always enjoy the experience. MORE