David Tait

The quintessential "airline guy," as executive VP of Virgin Atlantic Airways, David set up, and then ran, the company's hugely successful US operation for almost 20  years. He also has had stints at Wardair, Laker Airways, Air Florida (pre-Virgin) and Air Canada (post). 

Named executive chairman of Canadian low cost carrier, Flair, in May 2018, David's writing talents are no longer available to us on a weekly basis, though he has promised he will entertain and enlighten us when time permits and the muse strikes.

David's column is Tait on Travel.

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With glowing hearts…
04 MAR 2010: Oh Canada: What a couple of amazing weeks that was! While the closing ceremony’s giant inflatable beavers and scantily-clad “Mountiettes” played to national stereotypes, one great myth was finally laid to rest. No longer will the world think that Canadians live up to their armpits in snow for 360 days of the year. Surprisingly, the white stuff (snow,that is) was the only thing in short supply at the games! MORE

Not quite a warm and fuzzy feeling We know who the guy in the middle is in this (slightly doctored)pic, but don't the other two look like Mila Mulroney and Prince William? Ed note: David Tait wants your input and has generously offered an unique prize (which I suspect I will have to produce.) However, it is fun and everyone is welcome to give it a shot. Check the end of the article for the (vague) details. 20 JAN 2010: “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed.” These may have been cute words when coming from “The Three Bears”, but they weren’t staying at a Holiday Inn at the time! Frankly, I can imagine few things ickier when climbing into a hotel bed than thinking, “This is still warm from someone else.” Clearly however Holiday Inns International, has a different view on the subject of hot-bedding. MORE