Anita Draycott

Quite aside from being an award winning writer, whose travel articles and photography regularly appear in golf and lifestyle publications and websites, Anita Draycott is a self confessed golf fanatic, who has chased dimpled white balls over five continents. 

She is also managing editor of GolfStyle, an upscale magazine about "life as it was meant to be played."

Whether you play the game or not, Anita's stylish and graceful prose, her insight, knowledge and expertise on the game and on golf courses around the world will capture your interest and be of immense benefit to you and your clients.

Her two columns Fairways to Heaven and Save & Splurge run on alternate Wednesdays.

Fairways will give you Anita's unique insight into playing golf at courses at home and abroad,  while Save & Splurge  takes readers to glamorous places and advises them on where to blow the budget and where the best bargains are to be found.



Chiang Rai and Northern Thailand’s Golden Triangle
09 OCT 2019: Opium dens, fascinating hill tribes, remarkable temples and flaming foot massages in the jungle. These are just a few of my memories of a recent visit to Chiang Rai and environs in Northern Thailand.   MORE

Paris of the Prairies
11 SEP 2019: Regina got the capital, Prince Albert got the penitentiary and Saskatoon got the university. But Saskatoon is so much more than a vibrant city full of young scholars. Saskatchewan’s “City of Bridges” is also City of Festivals. Name your pleasure and there’s probably a festival you’ll want to attend. A few examples: Blues, Ukrainian, Children’s, Jazz, Shakespeare, Reggae and World Music, Fringe, Fiddle Fest and Rib Fest. MORE

28 AUG 2019: My conversation with the taxi driver from the Phuket Airport began with him describing his six frugal years as a novice monk eating one bowl of rice a day in a jungle temple. Then he noticed my luggage included golf clubs and began chattering enthusiastically about how he recently broke 100 using his new set of Callaway clubs. My driver had graduated from monk to hacker. MORE

City of Angels and Smiles
14 AUG 2019: Welcome to the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand where east and west, ancient and modern, exotic and erotic, calm and chaotic, clash and collide in the most delightful ways. When it comes to wish lists, Bangkok ticks most boxes. Cultural attractions and rich history? Tick. Great food? Everywhere. Good shopping? Yep. Fabulous spas. Nothing beats a Thai massage. Vibrant nightlife? A resounding yes. MORE

Ten Courses; Three Resorts; One Swinging Destination
31 JUL 2019: Ancient glaciers carved the cobalt lakes and dramatic hills that blessed northern Michigan with an ideal topography for golf courses. Top designers, such as Robert Trent Jones, Senior, Arthur Hills and Donald Ross have left their mark. Accolades abound: The Heather at Boyne Highlands Resort joined the distinguished roster of Golf Digest's 2019 - 2020 list of America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses; the 18-hole Links/Quarry duo at Bay Harbor Golf Club has remained on the list since 2003. MORE

On the Prowl in Madrid
17 JUL 2019: Never mind the French diet paradox. How about the Spanish paradox? How can they eat and drink so much, so often, so late, and stay svelte? And awake? I might be exaggerating slightly, but a typical day in the life of a Madrilno goes something like this: MORE

Swinging through Banff and Jasper
03 JUL 2019: Where would two golf fanatics go to celebrate our significant 70th birthdays? Dubbing ourselves “chicks with sticks,” my oldest and best friend, Shirley, and I decided to head west for a swinging Rocky Mountain getaway. MORE

19 JUN 2019: Along with its claim to fame as one of Canada’s top theatre destinations, Stratford and surrounding Perth County have become an epicurean mecca brimming with artisan producers, unique food boutiques, breweries, distilleries and eateries. This is town with a fascinating history and welcoming enthusiast locals where you can save and splurge with artistic license. MORE

Hot new golf destination
05 JUN 2019: A recent invitation to play golf in Panama intrigued me. I’ve been writing about golf and travel for a long time and have pretty much “been around the tee blocks” when it comes to new destinations, but Panama was new turf. MORE

22 MAY 2019: I am just back from a long weekend in The Big Apple and I’m happy to report that you don’t have to be related to Donald Trump or the Rockefellers to enjoy this mult-faceted metropolis. From freebies to bargains to a few well-deserved indulgences, here’s where to save and splurge in the city that never sleeps. All prices approximated in US dollars. MORE

The All American Dream at Destination Kohler
08 MAY 2019: “The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody would put a flagstick on top - golf is not a fair game so why build a fair golf course.” Those are the “fighting words” of feisty golf architect Pete Dye, a gentleman renowned for his brilliant and challenging golf tracts worldwide. MORE

Where East and West collide into a fusion fantasia
24 APR 2019: From fishing village to British Colony, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with the handover in 1997. It lost none of its cosmopolitan glamour and glitter in that exchange, and there’s still a hustle, bustle and buzz here like nowhere else on the planet. MORE

Because Ireland has the Irish
10 APR 2019: Scotland or Ireland? Which is the better golf destination? That’s a bit like being asked to choose your favourite son. Both offer superlative golf. The difference is the craic (Irish jargon for good times) on the 19th hole and the unparalleled Irish hospitality. Sure and begorrah, you’ll have more fun in Ireland. MORE

Numero Uno City in the World
27 MAR 2019: Looking for the ideal place to introduce novice or nervous travellers to Mexico? This is it! MORE

Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit
13 MAR 2019: Before John Huston’s 1964 film, Night of the Iguana, Puerto Vallarta was a sleepy fishing village. Now it’s one of Mexico’s most popular sun and golf destinations receiving more than three million visitors each year. The Puerto Vallarta area and neighbouring Riviera Nayarit feature coloruful sunsets, the spectacular Bay of Banderas, the regal Sierra Madre mountain range, world-class golf courses and a plethora of après golf attractions. MORE

Riviera Nayarit
Pacific Bliss on the Bay of Banderas
27 FEB 2019: Greetings from Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit where my husband and I are enjoying three months of idyllic weather, wonderful food and the hospitality of the gracious locals. We have rented a condo in a gated community called Punta Esmeralda, ideally located minutes from both Bucerias and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on the Riviera Nayarit. We are about half hour up the Bay from Puerto Vallarta. MORE

13 FEB 2019:“If heaven is as good as this, I sure hope they have some tee times left,” said golf pro Lee Trevino after a round a Gleneagles, located in Perthshire, Scotland. Dubbed “the Palace in the Glenns”, Gleneagles celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2014, which also coincided with it also being the site of that year’s Ryder Cup.   MORE

Mondo Maya in Technicolour
30 JAN 2019: My recent trip to Guatemala was a “sentimental” journey as I was there as a hippy archaeology student in 1972. My professor’s son and I drove a station wagon from Toronto through Mexico and into Guatemala to join a dig. We rented a mud hut and hung out for about a month on Lake Atitlan. I never forgot the beauty of the lake, the fascinating Mayan people and their kaleidoscope of colourful costumes and customs. MORE

Home of the 2020 Open
16 MAY 2019: Kent has been dubbed the “Garden of England” ever since Henry VIII tucked into a bowl of juicy Kentish cherries and developed a passion for the fruit. With six wives under his belt, it seems Henry acquired many passions and tastes.   MORE

And wannabe cowhands
02 JAN 2019: Welcome to Scottsdale, a cosmopolitan mini-metropolis with Wild West roots and one of the world’s most scenic backyards. A rugged and untamed wilderness, the Sonoran Desert is a 120,000-square-mile reminder that the American West’s frontier spirit is alive and kicking. Overflowing with towering mesas, solitary Saguaros and exotic wildlife, this timeless tableau has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. But Scottsdale also appeals to city slickers who head back to town for pampering spa treatments, shopping sprees and award-winning dining experiences. MORE

19 DEC 2018: This year marked the 17th annual Media Golf Classic held in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. It was my first time joining a group of golf journalists from both the US and Canada for five days of fabulous desert golf, cowboy cookouts and camaraderie. MORE

Vive Tel Aviv
05 DEC 2018: True confessions: I am an agnostic and my knowledge of the Holy Land is meagre. I lived for years in a part of Toronto with a large Jewish community. Bagel shops and kosher restaurants I know. And as much as I like a good chewy bagel with lox and cream cheese, I never got excited about what I thought was Jewish cuisine. A trip to Israel was not at the top of my bucket list. I was confused and overwhelmed by the wars, politics and religious conflicts. Israel, however, was number one on my husband’s bucket list and that’s why we found ourselves at the Ben Gurion Airport looking for our guide. MORE

21 NOV 2018: Mark Twain, the ever articulate, globetrotting American humourist, once remarked, “You take heaven, I’d rather go to Bermuda.” Indeed, tiny, pristine Bermuda, a fishhook-shaped island 750 miles east of New York City, is blessed with an abundance of charms. It has the turquoise waters, blissful beaches and tropical flavours you’d find in the Caribbean, but with a refined British accent. MORE

07 NOV 2018: Birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is Italy’s unrivalled repository of art and architectural masterpieces, thanks to the coffers of the powerful Medici family. Florentines have been elevating the art of civilized living ever since Dante strolled its streets composing love poems to his beloved Beatrice. Geographically, the historical centre of the city is small and easily walkable, but it boasts more artistic masterpieces per square mile than any place on the planet. Indeed, Florence is a true treasure chest where, in one day, you can marvel at Michelangelo’s David, haggle for a new leather wallet and lick some of Italy’s finest gelato…all before lunch. I’ve just spent two weeks living like a local and studying Italian at the Michelangelo Institute in central Florence. I’ve scoured both sides of the River Arno in search of places worthy of your time and euros.   MORE

Splurge at Cape Kidnappers and Kauri Cliffs
24 OCT 2018: Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy some spectacular bragging rights at two of the planet’s top-rated golf courses in New Zealand. In 2018, Cape Kidnappers and Kauri Cliffs have again been named among the best in the world in the annual Golf Digest (US) Magazine’s World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses - with Cape Kidnappers at No.17 and Kauri Cliffs at No. 37. MORE