Cindy-Lou Dale

Cindy-Lou has has written for Travel Africa, TIME and National Geographic Traveller. Her award winning features have been published in international in-flight magazines, as well as travel trade journals, luxury review publications, motoring magazines, business periodicals and, of course, Travel Industry Today.


Her roots are buried deep in a small farming community in Southern Africa, though she has moved a long way since then, having lived in Cape Town, New York, Nairobi, Beverley Hills, London and Brussels just to name a few.


Now, from her base in south-east England, Cindy-Lou regularly travels on assignment to far-flung destinations, gathering information, experiences and taking photographs used in her articles.


Know before you go
26 JAN 2018: Paris's seductive charms are legendary, and for good reason: Inviting sidewalk cafés, gleaming boutiques, world-class museums, and a fabled restaurant scene make Paris the runway model of cities - beautiful, fashionable, confident, and inspiring envy at every turn. But with expectations running so high, Paris can occasionally disappoint. When you find yourself elbow-to-elbow with throngs of tourists, tucking into yet another overpriced meal, you'll wonder how the Paris that travellers fall in love with has proved so elusive. Unless, that is, you discover how to avoid the top ten mistakes first-timers make in the City of Light.   MORE

16 JAN 2017: The pause between the premiere and release date of Casablanca was literally just that, a pause. When the now-classic Hollywood love story premiered in New York City 75-years ago, it was just weeks after US troops saw their first WW2 action in, of all places, Casablanca. Casablanca was in the news across the nation, hastening the release of the motion picture eight weeks later.   MORE

09 JAN 2018: Travellers are wising-up to staged 'local encounters' which have become little more than human safaris. Without intruding on local lives, you're enriched and inspired by the locals you meet and who in turn will equally benefit from your visit. Ultimately, this is where the magic of travel truly lies. MORE

09 NOV 2017: For most of the past hundred years, Zurich-West has been known for its heavy industry, churning out turbines, engines and ships. Then, in the mid-90s, as factories moved out, contemporary art galleries, museums, and design shops moved in, popping up amid abandoned factories. This former industrial scrubland has created a gritty haven for the Zurich’s pioneering sub-culture, complete with a design university housed in what was once a yogurt factory. MORE

Beaverbrook. A glorious estate on the edge of Surrey
15 MAY 2017: Despite it being less than an hour outside of central London by train or car, the Beaverbrook estate feels like it’s in the middle of the countryside. Beaverbrook County House Hotel (formerly known as Cherkley Court, built in 1866) is at the extreme south-east of Leatherhead, near the pretty village of Mickleham. It's a late Victorian neo-classical wedding-cake mansion house and estate of 400 plus acres filled with Ash trees, magnolia trees, wild primroses, and local wildlife.   MORE

Five ways to see London landmarks in just 48 hours
13 SEP 2016: Despite jokes about accents and what, exactly, a chip is, London, which has no shortage of tourist staples, remains a popular destination for Canadian travellers: Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the House of Parliament, but London's appeal doesn't lie only in its architectural and cultural treasures. It’s the jaw-dropping views across the city, taking in most of the Big Five landmarks, which are most memorable. MORE

Laid back river cruising
29 JUL 2016:By its nature, river cruising is a far more intimate affair than the Goliath ocean cruisers. Thus, being a cruise virgin, I took my first tentative steps aboard the AmaSerena, river plying its way through the lower Danube waterways, sailing east from Budapest, through Eastern Europe, to the Black Sea, passing through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. No rushing or moving fast, just cruising at a steady pace, easy travel through multiple countries, without the stress involved in road trips or the difficulties of catching planes or trains. MORE

22 JUL 2016:  Looking for something a little – or a lot – different this summer, here’s a selection of interesting and unusual activities and places to take you away from the same old, same old.   MORE

Aunty finds the secret ingredient of Masala Chai
27 JUN 2016: “What is that spice that makes this taste so good?” I asked a chaiwallah – a Mumbai tea vendor. “That which you are tasting, Aunty, is my very special mother’s recipe for Masala Chai.” When speaking to a person older than themselves, and as a sign of respect, Indians call their elders Aunty or Uncle, which after a while is rather endearing. MORE

09 MAY 2016: I’d been up since midnight - something big gave an audible deep throated grunt under the veranda of my bungalow at Stanmore Tea Estate in Valparia, southern India. I’d left the balcony doors and windows standing open, hoping for a cool breeze. Now on my third cup of Masala Chai, the world began to look a beautiful place. MORE

Recipes for enjoyment in the Lake District.
19 APR 2016: Almost all facets of life in England’s Lake District revolve around farming; that and savouring the time-honoured British custom of afternoon tea. Here the tearoom kitchens, themselves hives of activity, produce just-out-the-oven scones and steaming teapots of something typically English. MORE

Brighton Rocks
21 MAR 2016:  Brighton is a bohemian University city, on England’s south coast, less than an hour from London by train. Its Regency architecture, kitsch shops and tranquil green spaces have made it popular with the creative New Media crowd, who commonly refer to it as Silicon Beach. MORE

16 MAR 2016:  I was half expecting Kolkata to be a city of squalor and dilapidated buildings shrouded in a tropical cloak of decay. What I found instead was an explosion of vibrant colours and heady spices; bolts of silk in silver and azure and intricate hand-crafted gold jewellery. It’s a fusion of untouched history and heat; a sensory blast of classical Indian music and excited chat of 15-million people. For the most, Kolkata’s shabby streets and distressed buildings (spread over 676 square miles) remain untouched since its independence in 1947, but it does so in a vintage manner. MORE

The most magnificent hill resort in India
22 FEB 2016:  The roads had at some point been tarred, but were now in a very bad state of repair. And with no sidewalks, it’s shared with farm animals and pedestrians. As we neared the Himalayas the landscape changed to that of a tropical jungle. A snaking road up the mountain brought us to a viewing point where my driver stopped and left me to consider the aqua coloured Teesta River while he magic’d up a cup of tea from somewhere. We continued past two Buddhist temples and numerous colourful Gurkha villages then stopped at Lama Hatta for more tea. MORE

An interview with the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality
17 NOV 2015:  In an exclusive for Travel Industry Today, Cindy-Lou Dale spoke at length with Walter Mzembi, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.  In this fascinating interview they discuss everything that impacts tourism - from perceptions, politics and climate, to culture, infrastructure and Cecil the Lion – and lots more besides. MORE

04 NOV 2015: “Liverpool is the place that changed the face of music forever”, said our Magical Mystery Tours guide, Jay, who promised to take us on a nostalgic journey to where The Beatles found fame. I’m a little sniffy when it comes to cheesy guided tours, thus with some apprehension I boarded the tour bus at the Albert Dock. MORE

Bespoke food has an address
06 NOV 2014: Just 100 miles south of mainland Britain and 45-minutes from London is Jersey, the warmest and most southerly of the British Isles. Jersey also has its fair share of celebrity millionaires: Formula One racing drivers, musicians, artists, writers, movie stars, inventors - however, the famed Jersey residents I came to meet were of the four legged variety - its prized dairy cows. MORE

Historic London pubs
20 OCT 2014: Take an educational pub-crawl through London and visit a handful of the city’s finest and most remarkable pubs. Learn about Britain’s love affair with booze in 16th-century Shakespearian alehouses, Dickensian coaching inns and the story behind gin palaces. MORE

One of Europe's most exciting and stylish cities
16 OCT 2014: Glasgow is renowned for its style and friendly locals. It’s well rounded with a blend of internationally-acclaimed museums and galleries, stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and a buzzy array of restaurants and bars.  MORE

The Keane Trail proves an international hit
18 MAR 2013: Keane is an international super-group who herald from East Sussex on the UK’s south coast. Bexhill, Hastings and Battle are the towns that will forever be remembered collectively as ‘Strangeland’, the name of the band’s fifth consecutive number one album, which speaks of places that influenced their lives. Now, a local initiative together with Keane, share a geographical and emotional journey that helped shape the Strangeland album via an intuitive and well informed website that connects the lyrics with the actual landmarks they refer to. MORE