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Ilona Kauremszky

As a frequent traveller, Ilona has filed numerous articles on the travel industry for leading consumer and trade publications and rubbed shoulders with the famous and not so famous, pulled G-forces in race cars and tested her acrophobia in more ways than she cares to remember. A former editor of a meetings magazine, you'll often spot her covering one of your events.

As a weekly Q+A travel columnist of a major newspaper, Ilona provides readers with travel tips and advice. Ilona also co-produces mycompass.ca and its digital TV channel, mycompasstv.


CTO in town to spread message
14 DEC 2011: Trip Advisors and other online social media networks big on customer feedback will have a new contender once the Caribbean Tourism Organization gets its Total Visitor Satisfaction Surveys (TVS) done, said Hugh Riley, the CTO’s secretary general who proudly admitted no other region in the world is currently offering this rating. MORE

But Caribbean heats up YYZ
13 DEC 2011: It might have been cold outside, but it sure was hot, hot, hot indoors as Caribbean Week dazzled the crowds with rum, rhythm and plenty of talk on sunny destinations. Now in its fifth year, Caribbean Week celebrates the distinctive sights, sounds, food and culture of the Caribbean, and quite frankly is a great teaser for those of us who wish to escape the cold harsh winters we all know too well. MORE

Transat launches redesigned 2012-13 Europe season
08 DEC 2011: Transat was at the races this week so travel industry insiders couldn’t help but get in on the turf. The travel company launched its latest 2012-2013 Europe season and in true Transat style selected an aptly themed venue for the latest release. MORE

In Flanders fields the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row
11-11-11: Years ago in journalism school a colleague of mine visited the Sunnybrook Hospital Veteran’s wing to interview some of the last surviving World War I vets for a compelling radio documentary that still grips me to this day. “What’s going to happen once they are gone?” I remember him telling me as I could feel the self-imposed weight on his shoulders over the men he had befriended. MORE

Love is in the air
10 NOV 2011: It’s been years since anyone’s mentioned the Obsession Calvin Klein ads, Jordache jeans never mind recalling Miami Vice and Don Johnson in a single breath. But here at the 6th annual Miami Media Reception hosted by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) evening soiree it was a throwback to some of these iconic 80s symbols. MORE

Berlin and Vienna make beautiful music together
02 NOV 2011: A mere 600 or so years ago the very thought that Berlin and Vienna might collaborate on anything would have caused gasps and the fluttering of hand fans. Fast forward to Toronto’s Spoke Club last week, and the CEOs of those very cities entertained a roomful of travel media, massaging the notion that yes, their respective capital cities could complete each other. MORE

Quebec is the place to be this winter
18 OCT 2011: It’s easy to imagine winter around the corner with the profusion of fall colours and Destination Quebec telling us to get ready. The annual Discover Quebec 2011 Marketplace recently rolled into Toronto and rolled out the red carpet for a fun soiree held at the Fairmont Royal York’s regal Imperial Room. MORE

UN World Tourism Day turns into staging platform for Gap Adventures
29 SEP 2011: Maybe David Letterman should take a tip from the new G Nation as outlined by sustainable tourism pioneer Bruce Poon Tip. The other night the late night talk show host joked about the two newly released hikers from Iran. “Nobody likes hiking more than I do, but it seems to me that if you have an atlas, you can find better places to go hiking – than Iran or Korea.” MORE

The stars of the Upper Rhine
03 JUN 2011: Welcome to Europe’s newest region: the Upper Rhine. In a bold move, spearheaded by the European Union, thirty-one stakeholders from France, Germany and Switzerland spanning the Black Forest and Vosges mountains, along with top restaurants and wine routes have set aside their competitive egos and united to form a revolutionary tri-country epicurean détente, and simply say, “Enjoy our cuisine and wines.” MORE

Chris Astbury
28 MAR 2011: Chris Astbury is head of marketing at Bath Tourism Plus which is Bath’s destination marketing organization. I had an opportunity to talk to him when he was in Toronto. MORE

Fairmont focuses on fresh fare
16 FEB 2011: Eat this. Food could turn into a nasty four-letter word as food allergies are on the rise. Others sway away from meat that other four letter word. Then there’s just plain aging. Who needs it? MORE

But Quebec is never conventional
09 FEB 2010: Remember last week when the local media was battling Snowmaggadeon? Perhaps your clients were rushing to the phone panicked. While many of us were caught up in the beguiling winter forecast, our province’s easterly neighbour Quebec was sending out warm welcomes at the Fairmont Royal York. MORE

Where when and what is happening in 2011
03 JAN 2011: You heard it here. 2011 is the year of big anniversaries, gonzo (re)openings, parties, and special events. There’s an ongoing party theme in 2011 among some nations. Cars are big, so are weddings and birthdays among the world’s celebrated icons. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what’s planned for the world stage. MORE

Triumph over adversity
15 DEC 2010: This interview with acclaimed journalist and author Kati Marton took place prior to the sudden death of her husband Richard Holbrooke, US diplomat and former US Ambassador to the United Nations on Monday December 13. Travel Industry Today expresses its deepest condolences to Ms. Marton. MORE

Butch Stewart’s Show Stopper
29 NOV 2010: If Gordon “Butch” Stewart wants Christmas to come early to agents, he’ll make it happen. If you were attending last week’s Sandals soiree in Toronto, those agents present — like those who attended the luxury resort chain’s other ‘Sandals Difference’ stops in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary — know the magic from the legendary resort impresario who invented swim up pool bars. MORE

Ironman style
23 NOV 2010: Dallas is serving up big ideas. This big city in the big state of Texas just keeps cooking up more ways to out-salsa its southern neighboring cities. MORE

Still better in the Bahamas
18 NOV 2010: Some folks around during the seventies might recognize a familiar face. Back then Bahamian David Johnson flew up to these northern climes as part of his country’s pilot sales training program for execs. The close proximity and the independence drive in ’73 he says all brought “us to where we are today.” MORE

In Panama
with Ilona Kauremszky
09 NOV 2010: The shops: Tiffany’s, Dolce and Gabbana, and Perry Ellis. The view: towering skyscrapers butted beside each other. Hong Kong? Nope. Try Panama City. MORE

Happy Caribbean Tourism Day
02 NOV 2010: Who needs to sit in front of a computer when the sun, sea and sand are sending sweet subliminals? You’ve been eying the recent TV commercials from WestJet’s Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos winter campaign in between watching the steamy series, The Tudors. Clients are poking you with questions on their tried and true sun destinations. MORE

The past and the present
22 OCT 2010: Ed. Note: When we learned Ilona Kauremszky was taking a river cruise with her mother, we thought it might be interesting to have Mrs. Kauremszky tell us her own version of the trip. She agreed and so in this and the previous article, we are delighted to be able to present the Heart of the Danube both from the perspective of a seasoned travel writer, and through the relived memories of a traveller ‘going home’ after a lifetime away. MORE

The Heart of the Danube with my mother
22 OCT 2010: River cruising has been around it seems forever. Travel impresario Thomas Cook started the industry when he took wealthy Brits down the Nile River in the 1800s. They oohed and awed from Cairo to Aswan. Who wouldn’t? MORE

Questions for the USTA chief
04 OCT 2010: Roger Dow is president and chief executive officer of the US Travel Association, the national umbrella organization representing all segments of the US travel and tourism industry. MORE

Let the questions begin
23 AUG 2010: In this latest instalment, Fairmont Chateau Laurier GM Claude Sauvé goes One on One, with Ilona Kauremszky. MORE

The president of VoX International provides answers
07 JUL 2010: In the second of our series of whimsical interviews, get to know Susan Webb, president of Vox International as she goes One on One with Ilona Kauremszky. MORE

Puttting yourself in the picture
05 JUL 2010: Cuba’s been all about the beach. We Canadians should know. It’s been our favourite sun destination as we continue to hold the No. 1 international visitors’ spot. So, when a Canadian ad agency was asked to take on the monumental task of rebranding the country, well they oughta know, right? MORE