20 SEP 2019: Tourisme Montréal has joined forces with Prologue AI to develop the prototype of The Voice of Montréal, the very first AI-driven hybrid (image and voice) assistant designed to help travellers discover Montréal. It is the first product of its kind in the global tourism industry.

The partnership with Prologue AI started at MT Lab, the incubator for innovation in tourism, culture and entertainment co-founded by Tourisme Montréal in 2017.

The product is an AI-powered digital tool that offers tips from a local perspective. By conversing with the assistant, visitors get access to personalized content providing an overview of the city and its key highlights.

Tourists can gather information before coming to the city and can make spontaneous decisions once at the destination. Content on seasonal offers, events and attractions also helps visitors decide which neighbourhoods, museums or restaurants they should check out. I

n short, The Voice of Montréal provides curated recommendations to help visitors discover engaging experiences with a truly local flavour.

"We're using the power of artificial intelligence to improve the tourist experience. Montréal is a unique place with something for everyone—it's just a matter of finding it. This initiative reflects our commitment to offering a top-quality tourist welcome and setting our destination apart through innovation," said Emmanuelle Legault, Vice-President of Marketing and Strategy at Tourisme Montréal.

Prologue AI co-founder Jonathan Rouxel noted, "When travellers arrive at a destination, they often find themselves unsure of where to go, so they turn to their smartphones for information. But text-based content can be hard to consult while travelling, and it's not always easy to find helpful information for last-minute planning. We want to create an immersive, conversational experience that enables tourists to connect with local culture and lose themselves in the city—in the very best way."

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