10 SEP 2019: Passengers on board a Sunwing flight from Mexico to Canada experienced a rough landing in Toronto when a tire on the plane blew out. All passengers and crew safely disembarked the plane that landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport around 3 p.m. on Sunday, the airline said in a statement.

Sunwing said airport teams inspected the plane and found there was also a hydraulic leak from the landing gear. The company said the flight was operated by Swift Air.

Passenger Adi Jhamb said he was returning from his honeymoon in Cancun and the flight was perfect until the plane started shaking violently as it landed.

"As soon as we landed, the pilot's trying to brake and we kept hearing this noise, like a flat tire on a car," Jhamb said.

"I was concerned that the cabin luggage may fall out, but nothing happened."

He said fire trucks, ambulances and airport trucks came out to help.

Jhamb said the passengers remained on the plane for about an hour after landing. 

"It was getting hot," he said. "But the staff was nice, they were giving away water and cookies."

Passenger were then bussed to customs and immigration. 

Jhamb said he and his wife left without their luggage to avoid further delay, but received their luggage early Monday afternoon.

"It's just one of those things," he said.

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