07 AUG 2019: Last week Cathay Pacific announced changes to their privacy policy, the most significant of which is that they are using images captured on CCTV footage in their airport lounges and aircraft. They have assured passengers that the images are handled sensitively with strict access controls, and that their "inflight entertainment systems do not have any cameras, microphones or sensors to monitor passengers, nor have they in the past."

The airline assures that the cameras on their aircraft are installed near the cockpit door and not in the lavatories.

The policy changes come after a major breach of customer data in 2018, which affected over nine million customers. Personal information including passport details and credit card numbers were stolen.

The airline says they will collect and process information such as, use of their inflight entertainment system and inflight connectivity, and that the data can be retained for as long as is 'commercially necessary.'

Cathay Pacific says this is all for security purposes.

The airline says it can share customer data with “government and regulatory bodies and other individuals, bodies and organisations” if legally obliged or for reasons of safety and security.

Earlier this year it was learned that cameras have been installed in new inflight entertainment systems. Some airlines that have such systems have assured the public that the cameras are not active and are in fact part of the entertainment systems, and would not be used to spy on passengers.

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