22 JUL 2019: There was a time not long ago when your cruise ship might be the only one visiting Bermuda on any given day. The tiny mid-Atlantic island strictly limited the number of cruise ships allowed to visit at the same time. All that’s changed almost overnight.

Bermuda is expected to receive 544,000 cruise passengers this year, a rise of 14 percent on 2018. That represents 192 cruise ship calls. And the season is lengthening, with a 168 percent increase in November cruise visits in 2018, compared to just 2.7 percent increase by air.

The numbers are going to surge again in the coming year, with Carnival Cruise Line announcing it will have six different ships visiting Bermuda in 2020, including week-long cruises departing from Baltimore and Charleston.

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Wallace Immen

Wallace Immen is executive editor of our cruise partner The Cruisington Times and a well-known and much respected writer. 

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