19 JUL 2019: A passenger accused of severe misbehaviour on a Jet2 flight that had to return to London's Stansted Airport in June, has received a huge bill from the airline. Chloe Haines is accused of “aggressive, abusive and dangerous behaviour.”

Jet2 has sent her a bill for £85,000 ($139,000) and banned her from the airline for the rest of her life.

Officials say the plane bound for Turkey had to return to Stansted and was escorted by two Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets after Haines ‘stormed cockpit' yelling 'I'll kill you all'.

The 25-year-old British woman was arrested by Essex Police when the plane landed and is free on bail.

She was arrested on suspicion of common assault, criminal damage and endangering an aircraft. She is scheduled to be in court August 21.

Jet2's CEO Steve Heapy said Thursday that the airline will try to recover the costs incurred as a result of the diversion.

Heapy said Haines' actions were “one of the most serious cases of disruptive passenger behaviour that we have experienced.”

He said Jet2 takes “an absolutely zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour, and we hope that this sobering incident, with its very serious consequences, provides a stark warning to others who think that they can behave in this fashion.”

Perhaps more airlines should attempt to recover costs for diverted flights and fellow passengers sue the miscreant for the delays and inconvenience.

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