19 JUL 2019: A popular Youtube vlogger in Indonesia claims he is being sued by the country's national airline Garuda, for posting an image on Instagram of a hand-written business-class menu. After the posting, Garuda, issued a directive to cabin crew to prevent passengers from taking photos or videos during flights.

Cooler heads prevailed however, and the airline withdrew the directive after it was mocked on social media. Instead it asked passengers to respect other people's privacy by not taking their photos.

"Passengers can take photos for personal use such as selfies as long as they do not inconvenience other passengers," the company's spokesman Ikhsan Rosan said in a statement.

Rius Vernandes said he had received a summons from Garuda after posting the video of the menu written on a piece of notepaper with the caption: "The menu is still being printed, sir."

Police have confirmed to local media that Garuda has filed a defamation case against Vernandes.

Meanwhile Vernandesis, who has more than 114,000 Instagram followers, is appealing for support on social media. In a post he wrote: "I got a call from the police on this matter. We were reported on suspicion of committing a crime of defamation. I'm sure you know that I have NO intention at all to defame anyone.

"I really ask for your support about this. All of it. Anyone. You all have a voice. Especially influencers. I hope you can help share and support me in this problem because I don't want in the future when we review things as they are, when we give constructive criticism, we can be criminals."


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