17 JUL 2019: The Casino de Montreal will be hosting a two-night celebration in honour of the Montreal Pride Festival during Futuristik. This event series promises close encounters of the fun and thrilling kind in a futuristic universe inspired by sci-fi cult classics.

"During these two celebratory nights, visitors are in for tons of fun—live entertainment, over-the-top characters and a supercharged atmosphere," says the Casino de Montréal's director, Client Development Eric Rufer.

Two Futuristik nights

Pre–Montréal Pride Night
July 20, starting at 10 p.m.
At Valet de carreau bar

• Drag queens Marla Deer and Gisèle Lullaby will put on a performance inspired by a hit 90s sci-fi flick... Here's a hint: blue diva!

• DJs KeV J and TIZI will be at the turntables, while dance troupe KDN Company will be tearing up the dance floor.

Official Montréal Pride Fest Launch Party
August 8, starting at 10 p.m.
At Valet de carreau bar

• This year, the Casino will be kicking off the Montréal Pride Festival and its lineup of activities.

• The night's theme will be purple (last colour on the rainbow flag), and feature drag queens, DJs, dancers and singers. Festival-goers are invited to proudly don their purple garb!

• DJs Barbada and Sandy Duperval, Michel Dorion, The Montreal Waackers and Voguers, and Michelle Treacy will bring down the house!

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