11 Jul 2019: Insufficient ventilation is the suspected cause of a carbon monoxide build-up that forced the evacuation of a Winnipeg hotel this week and sent 46 guests and staff to hospital. The gas leak was detected Tuesday morning after an automatic alarm alerted hotel staff to a leak in the boiler room of a Super 8 hotel near the western edge of Winnipeg and prompted an evacuation.

About 15 people in serious condition were reported to have high carbon monoxide readings in their blood and with symptoms including nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath and a decrease in level consciousness.

“It appears carbon monoxide in the building built up because of inadequate ventilation related to gas-fired appliances. Instead of being safely vented, exhaust was being drawn back into the building,” Chuck Steele, Manitoba Hydro's director of engineering and, told reporters Wednesday.

None of the people taken to four area hospitals required admission and all have been discharged.

Steele says an investigation is underway into the cause of the leak.

But he says it appears there was a problem with the hotel's ventilation system.

The hotel's owner, Justin Schinkel, said the Super 8 had passed a fire inspection and has never had a carbon monoxide leak before.

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