31 MAY 2019: It may be a surprise to know that a Double Gloucester can reach a speed of almost 115 km an hour. This information is of greater value to those who take part in the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake near Gloucester in England. Every year a large round of cheese, up to 4 kg (9 lbs) is released from the top of a hill. The cheese gets a one second head start and then participants chase it to the bottom of the hill. The goal is to get there, unharmed before the dairy product. This year, the person who did so is Toronto resident Mark Kit. 

Kit, is 22 and told the BBC that he was inspired after watching videos of cheese rolling as a kid.

The downhill race has caused a number of injuries in the years that it has been taking place, with records showing that in 1826, it was considered an old tradition.

In 2010 city council decided that the next year’s event would involve tighter security, with fencing to manage crowd control and an entrance fee charged to spectators.

The announcement was met with hostility. Participants and former participants decided they would run the event without management, and in 2013 they made a big safety concession to use a foam replica of the cheese rather than an actual round.

Even so, the local St John Ambulance and other responders are at the base of the hill every year, as there is always at least one injury.

In addition to the winner getting the bragging rights to winning what people call the most dangerous footrace in the world they also go home with a large round of the real Double Gloucester.

The cheese is made by Diana Smart and her son Rod, who have been supplying cheese for the tournament for 25 years.

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