24 MAY 2019: With this week’s announcement that the federal government would be investing in Canada’s tourism, and earmarking funds specifically to cities outside of the top three, (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) we thought it would be appropriate to share a video from Canadian rock musician and songwriter Joel Plaskett. The song is ‘Love this town,’ and this particular video was filmed in Halifax’s ‘Two if by Sea Cafe.’ VIDEO

Plaskett grew up in Lunenburg on Nova Scotia’s south shore and wrote this ballad about his current home of Halifax as a result of the community’s reaction to a family’s misfortune.

The song is not without controversy.  In it, Plaskett criticizes the town of Kelowna, in response to poor treatment he says he received at a concert with an earlier indie rock band.

Chirping notwithstanding, his wife is from Kelowna and he still has extended family there. And Plaskett has played in the Okanagan city since then...without incident.

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