15 MAR 2019: This article was sent to me yesterday and I thought our readers would appreciate how clear it makes the issues around the 737 Max 8. Imagine my surprise when just an hour or two after reading it I was in my car heading for an appointment when a well-known right-wing radio personality repeated (read out) the article virtually word for word throwing in the odd, ‘Well you know,’ and ‘here’s how they did it,’ to make it sound as though these was entirely his own thoughts.

Anyway, here is the actual article, written by Jon Ostrower.


The 737 Max was born in the Admirals Club Lounge at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. On July 20, 2011, American Airlines was announcing it was buying 460 Airbus and Boeing aircraft to renew its fleet. One hundred were for a yet-to-be launched and yet-to-be named version of the 737 with new engines. American had purchased Boeing jets nearly exclusively for decades and Airbus had worked on American unceasingly to break Boeing’s hold at what would eventually become the world’s largest airline.

It pulled out all the stops. Just 10 days before, top Airbus executives waited to meet American’s then-CFO Tom Horton in the sweltering heat at the finish line of the Texas Too Hot 15K footrace to make the final hard sell. It worked.

The deal had set off a chain of events that led to today — a global safety crisis facing Boeing’s most important airplane.

Read the full article in theaircurent.com

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