26 FEB 2019: The city of London is getting rid of junk. As of Monday they have implemented a new policy removing all posters for food and beverages high in fat, salt and sugar that would appear in the London transportation system. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is intent to be rid of the  "ticking time bomb" of child obesity in the capital.

The ruling affects all new advertising campaigns on the transportation system, including the tube, trains, buses, trams and river services. The posters that are already in place can remain until the end of the contract term.

Fast food companies are welcome to advertise their low caloric offerings such as diet drinks and salads on menus but there will be no mention of cheeseburgers and chocolate bars.

The Mayor’s online Talk London platform, which offers Londoners the chance to have their say on issues in the capital, received 1,500 consultation responses with 82 percent supporting the proposals.

Khan wants the government to take more of an initiative on child obesity, in that almost 40% of 10- and 11-year-olds in London are overweight or obese – one of the highest rates in Europe.

It is expected that other cities in the UK may follow suit.

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