B est-known for its abundance of spectacular beaches and turquoise waters, Antigua offers travellers much more than just a beach getaway! From its rich history with pirates and famous admirals to its vibrant culture and picturesque landmarks, there’s plenty to see and do around this charming island. Sunwing Experiences makes it easy to explore Antigua with its variety of excursions suited for every type of traveller, whether they want to sail along the coast or traipse through the lush green landscapes. Plus, with Sunwing’s convenient direct flights to Antigua from Toronto and Montreal it’s easier than ever to discover this island oasis.

Explore the ‘desert’ islands off the coast

Antigua is surrounded by 22 ‘desert’ islands, which are home to pristine hidden beaches and lush landscapes. Travellers can channel their inner Robinson Crusoe on a Sunwing Experiences eco tour of these beautiful uninhabited islands. Visitors will stop along the way at Guiana Island, home to beautiful mangroves. Then stop to explore Bird Island, home to some of Antigua’s indigenous wildlife species. Finally, they’ll make a stop at Hell’s Gate Island, where they can climb across the island’s famous natural bridge.

Discover the deep blue at Cades Reef

Vacationers who are snorkelling or scuba diving enthusiasts will have a blast exploring the deep blue at Cades Reef. The reef stretches over two miles and is considered one of the best diving and snorkelling destinations in Antigua, it is only accessible by boat so travellers have to board a catamaran to get there. The reef offers sheltered waters with depths ranging from 35 to 140 feet, ideal for underwater explorers of all experience levels. Adventurers will have the chance to catch a glimpse of a variety of exotic marine creatures including lobsters, parrotfish, eels, eagle rays, barracuda, reef sharks and nurse sharks.

Learn about Antigua’s history on a safari tour

The island of Antigua has a captivating history dating back to its discovery in the 15th century. Travellers who want to learn more about the island’s fascinating backstory can visit some of Antigua’s famous landmarks on a historical tour. One of the island’s most famous historic landmarks is Nelson’s Dockyard, a sheltered port that was used as the headquarters of the British fleet helmed by famous Admiral Horatio Nelson in the 18th century and which protected the island from pirate invasions. Another popular historic site is Betty’s Hope, a sugarcane plantation built in the 17th century that will transport visitors back in time to when sugarcane was the island’s driving industry.

Sail along the coast at sunset

No visit to Antigua would be complete without taking in one of the island’s legendary sunsets. While the sunset can be watched from around the island, including from most resorts, one of the best ways to watch the sunset is on a catamaran cruise along the coast. Travellers can soak in magnificent views of Antigua’s lush landscapes while watching the horizon change colours and the sun’s golden rays sink over the horizon.

Travellers can easily add-on any of these Sunwing Experiences excursions to their vacation package to Vacation Better in Antigua. Direct flights to Antigua are available from Toronto and Montreal.


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