W hen it comes to travelling around Britain, visitors are spoilt for choice. Whether they prefer to travel at their own pace by car, enjoy the convenience and value of train travel, or opt for coach or plane, there are plenty of options available.

Travelling around Britain by plane
Internal air travel in Britain only makes sense over long distances, where it can save time – for example, London to Scotland, or to one of the many fantastic offshore islands.

Travelling around Britain by car
If your clients want to visit a place that has no access by rail, prefer to travel under their own steam, or if they simply like a little privacy while travelling, travelling by car is a great way to see Britain – remember to drive on the left – some car rentals give you rubber bracelets to wear on your left wrist, that say “Stay to the left.” Ha ha! very funny – but also a very useful reminder. Watch for sheep on the road in rural areas and know for certain, if you are a North American – at some point you are going to turn on your windshield wipers when you want to indicate a turn!

Travelling around Britain by train
Riding the rails is one of the most scenic and relaxing ways to discover the real Britain. A fast and frequent rail network means that nearly all areas of Britain can be easily discovered by locomotive, as well as other methods of public transport. And if you need to get some work done there’s often free internet and (not free) refreshments including bar services!

Travelling around Britain by coach or bus
Travelling around Britain by coach will often save your clients money and offers a scenic alternative to travelling by train, especially if they are on a budget. Just be aware that the journey time will probably be longer to allow for traffic, stops and varying speed limits.

Travelling within cities
Using public transport to travel around urban areas in Britain is fun, insightful and, more often than not, economical. It will give travellers a greater understanding of British people and the infrastructure, as well as helping them get their bearings in their destination. When in London an Oyster Card is convenient, invaluable, and reusable. Check out the VisitBritain Shop


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