28 JAN 2019: If you think this publication has a decidedly British feel this morning – you’re right. We’ve partnered with VisitBritain (they think of it as a “Takeover”) and so you’ll find that, while they may not dominate the news quite as heavily as they do today, for the next while we’ll be focused on keeping you informed on all things British. Canadian tourism to Britain is on the rise and the numbers for 2018 while not yet in – are expected to break records. By the way, that’s not really me on the balcony – but I can hope.  

So, keep reading -

We’re going to give you information that will help you get to know Britain – or know Britain better. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trends and travel in Britain, and as you’ve come to expect, we’ll be serious, and sometimes silly, but hopefully always informative and interesting.


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Jen Savedra

Jen Savedra is the founder and editor of Travel Industry Today with  a long career and considerable experience in various sectors of travel and tourism. She is dedicated to producing a publication that differentiates itself from the pack. One that pulls no punches, and - along with being a forum for news and ideas - is easy to navigate and always fun to read.

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