P erceived as beautiful and menacing, south Louisiana’s ancient swamps have long captivated writers, historians and travelers. Modern-day explorers still have an intense curiosity about the beauty found in Louisiana swamps—the untouched nature and groves of gnarled cypress trees dripping with lush Spanish moss. Voyagers encounter indigenous critters such as alligators peering just above the waters and hundreds of species of birds, and hear colorful lore about pirates and other inhabitants of the vast, winding waterways. One of the best ways to experience the intricate network of Louisiana’s scenic swamps is by hopping on a guided tour.

Even more impressive than the ancient cypress trees, huge alligators and gorgeous birds are the experienced and often hilarious guides who take you on your adventures. They are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable locals you’ll encounter on a Louisiana vacation so ask your questions and you’re bound to get a good water cooler story or two!

The ways to get up close and personal with the wildlife are as varied as swamp life itself. Airboats, kayaks, tour boats, even on-land vehicles can accommodate sightseers’ desire to explore the swamp. A search on LouisianaTravel.com will yield more than 600 businesses offering swamp tours so you’re sure to find one to fulfill your quest for adventure.

Want to cruise along? The most available option for a swamp tour are the large, party-barge-type vessels that coast through the waterways narrated by your captain. These slow-moving vessels allow you to peacefully take in the scenery, wildlife and lore. It’s the swampy version of a walk in the park!

Feel the need for speed? Hop on an airboat to tour the Atchafalaya wilderness, America’s largest river swamp—perfect for photographers, birders or anyone wanting an unforgettable glimpse into swamp life.

Wish to wield a paddle? There are guides and outfitters who can equip you with the boats and equipment You're sure to see plenty of wildlife as you kayak among the moss-draped cypress trees during your exploration. First time paddling? Don't worry, most of the tours are beginner-level to ensure fun for the entire family.

More of a land lover? There’s even a swamp tour for you! Strap on a helmet for an action-packed, four-wheel ATV land tour. You can traverse challenging terrain on more than 40 miles of swampland trails in the Baton Rouge area.

However you choose to explore Louisiana’s postcard-perfect swamp culture, one thing is guaranteed—it will be the ride of a lifetime. Plan your swampy adventure at LouisianaTravel.com.


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