L ouisiana’s unique culinary traditions developed throughout generations, resulting in a broad array of dishes representing global culinary influences as well as the only-in-Louisiana preparations that combine them into a single cuisine. French, Caribbean, African, German and Spanish settlers contributed to Louisiana’s cuisine as they assimilated into the state’s cultural melting pot. The unique flavors and dishes that compose Louisiana’s culinary landscape can make finding a way to try them all daunting.  

Scattered throughout the state are countless must-try varieties of hallmark local dishes such as gumbo, étouffée, jambalaya and po’boys. To help visitors navigate these epicurean options and get the most out of their dining experiences, the Louisiana Office of Tourism created eight culinary trails highlighting the best flavors and dishes each region has to offer. From crawfish boils and boucheries to jazz brunches and plate lunches, these guides give culinary travelers a taste of what to expect and leave them hungry for more.

Along the Red River Riches trail, which weaves through northwest Louisiana, traditional Bayou State flavors are fused with Spanish and Southern techniques to make a unique cuisine with meat pies and hand-rolled tamales as standouts. In the northeast corner of the state, along the Delta Delights trail, Southern hospitality meets Louisiana flair in the Mississippi Delta. With an abundance of wild game, including ducks, deer and wild hogs, the focus is on comforting plate lunches and Southern country fare.

Nestled in the center of the state, Cajun culture takes a twist on the Prairie Home Cooking trail. Here, smoked meats reign supreme so the best dishes often come straight from the smokehouse. The Gulf and numerous rivers, lakes and bayous yield some of the best fish, crabs and crawfish along the Seafood Sensation trail in southwest Louisiana.

Get ready for a big time along the Bayou Bounty trail, where boudin and hot sauce will get your taste buds hopping, and Cajun bands will keep you rocking. Celebrate the cuisine of Louisiana’s capital city, as well as the plantation homes that dot the Mississippi River Road, along the Capital Cravings trail.

The Northshore Sampler explores the region north of Lake Pontchartrain, where fresh, locally inspired dishes can be found in both fine dining and mom-and-pop establishments. Weave your way through the depths of New Orleans’ legendary culinary landscape along the Creole Crescent trail and explore the land of stiff drinks, celebrated chefs and locals who elevate dining to an art form.

Louisiana’s rich, deeply rooted culinary palette never skimps on authenticity, tradition or flavor. Take a spin down the culinary trails and make sure you come hungry.

For more information on Louisiana’s Culinary Trails, visit LouisianaTravel.com/culinary.


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