26 SEP 2018: Cuba's largest tourist company is growing so you can expect even more travel products to the popular sun-kissed nation. Frank Pais Oltuski, marketing vice president with Gaviota Tourism Group announced yesterday at a trade media luncheon hosted by the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto, that the Cuban tourism company powerhouse has grown by more than 12 percent due to a slate of projects, investments, and new hotel openings on the books through 2025.

“We're opening several hotels like Iberostar Grand Packard in Havana which just opened,” he said relaying how this new luxury hotel in the capital city is an example of the growing luxury hotel sector evident in last year's illustrious opening of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski.

More inventory + infrastructure developments
In anticipation for the winter season, agents can expect to sell an extra 3,000 new rooms with new properties coming online. Meanwhile over 30,000 hotel rooms, he said, have been redesigned.

Infrastructure developments also take a high priority with the Cuban travel company guaranteeing the necessary supplies of fresh water, electric supply, hot water and air conditioning across all its facilities.

The provision of Wi-Fi service is another top priority which Gaviota is committed to rolling out to all its hotels across the country. “We are making progress in providing Wi-Fi in all areas in the hotels,” he says on the ongoing program which is expected to have Wi-Fi available throughout its Cayo Santa Maria hotels.

Future hotel openings include the 250-room Paseo del Prado Hotel, scheduled to open next year along with a collection of other properties across Cuba.

Gaviota Tourism Group represents over 50 percent of hotel properties in the popular sun destination and anticipates 7,000 new hotel rooms to be added to its hotel inventory before 2025.

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