24 AUG 2018: St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall is an island for sixteen hours a day but, during low tide visitors can walk to the mount via not-too-long cobblestoned causeway. If the tide comes in while you’re there – don’t worry you can take a small ferry back to Penzance. The Duchy of Cornwall in south west England is full of wonderous and fascinating sights and attractions. It’s one of my favourite parts of the country with craggy rock faces and gorgeous secluded beaches. Walking over to St. Michael’s Mount was a great thrill. (VIDEO)

Legend has it that in the year 495, local fishermen saw a vision of St. Michael the Archangel standing on the mount. The island became the location for a monastery and a destination for pilgrims. Local legend also says a giant once lived on the island and that a farm boy named Jack killed him.

The Island was given to the National Trust in 1954 with a condition that the St. Aubyn family and their decedents could continue living there for the next nine-hundred ninety-nine years.

If you’re in the UK driving to Cornwall along the smaller roads and byway is an amazing experience – though not for those nervous behind the wheel, or inexperienced with the UK’s ‘other side’ driving. You can also take a train, and that too works well as you can enjoy the scenery or work as I have always found there to be Wifi on board.

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