17 AUG 2018: And here’s our last musical video this Friday. Elvis Presley died on the August 16, 1977. I remember exactly where I was – at Club 22 at the Windsor Arms, in Toronto, with a couple of friends at the piano bar listening to pianist Paul Drake. “What do you want to hear girls?” Asked Paul (we were regulars). A man sitting across from us said, “He’s dead. So, play something of Elvis Presley.” We weren’t amused, and let him know it, but turned out he was right and Paul, who usually sang standards and show tunes – sang Presley standards all night as we sang along, drank along, and shed a few tears.

Without a doubt Elvis Presley was one of the most charismatic performers ever. I saw him well past his prime, when he was overdoing his karate moves and bursting out of his beaded jumpsuit.

But, even then, live on stage he held the audience spellbound. He’ll always be at the top of my live performers list. 



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