03 AUG 2018: Ever wondered what it's like to see the world through the eyes of a whale? In a world-first, scientists in Antarctica have attached a camera to a minke whale. Meanwhile, one of Iceland's top whaling companies says it has stopped hunting minke whales – but just for this this year. Could it be the cameras?

The information from these cameras will help scientists identify important minke feeding areas and help WWF-Australia establish a future marine protected area in their Antarctic home.

Gunnar Jonsson, owner of whaling company IP-Utgerd Ltd said Thursday that the temporary halt to whaling comes about a month earlier than expected. in response to a

Jonsson said obeying the new government regulation that has enlarged the protected area for baleen whales would require sailing out further than normal to harpoon the whales and that to do so wasn't economically viable.

In a statement, the International Fund for Animal Welfare called the development “very good news for minke whales and for Iceland,” but noted the country had simply imported minke whale meat from Norway.

Jonsson said his company would now focus on improving its boats for next year's whaling season.

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