27 JUL 2018: To reach the dazzling view across Switzerland's Lake Lucerne from the top of Mount Pilatus, you can take the Pilatus-Bahn, the world's steepest cogwheel railway. Commissioned in 1889, it boasts a gradient of up to 48 percent, and about 30 minutes travel time.

The railways connects Alpnachstad (next to Luzern Lake) with Pilatus mount, 2.070 metres high, climbing a more than 1.600 metres slope in just 4.3 km. The rack railway averages a slope of average of 38 percent, making it the most inclined of the world.

To overcome these steep slopes, it uses the double horizontal Locher rack. The track has a width of 800mm without ballast track (the track was set directly on solid rock) and is electrified. Due to the rack system used, no conventional railway switches are possible and there are transfer tables to link tracks or move trains to the desired direction.

The 10 trains that run on the line were built by SLM and are all a unique car with 5 compartments for 8 people staggered (as a conventional cable car). The trains run at a maximum speed of 9-12 km / h. During the decline they fall by gravity with the pantograph lowered.

The line operates only from May to November. Given the limited transport capacity of the line (340 people / hour) in peak hours passengers can have a wait.

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