27 JUL 2018: Here’s our Friday music video – and aside from being enjoyable it is particularly moving. Moira Kelly is an Australian humanitarian worker who has been recognized for her work both in Australia and globally. Chris Martin stopped by to officially honor Kelly for her work during Coldplay’s scheduled concert stop in Melbourne. And he had a surprise for her.

Martin offered Moira’s son, Emmanuel, the opportunity to perform John Lennon’s classic song, Imagine, live on stage in front of 55,000 people during the second night of the show. Chris had heard that the song was very special to Emmanuel, who gained fame after singing it as a contestant on the Australian X Factor TV show a few years earlier.

Emmanuel called the opportunity a “dream come true”. The 22-year-old has more than the usual reasons to be grateful to Moira Kelly. He and his brother Ahmed, were discovered by Kelly in 1998 at the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Baghdad. The boys suffered from under-developed limbs due to chemical warfare in their home country of Iraq. Kelly brought them both to Australia for medical treatment and subsequently adopted them.

Ahmed, a quadruple amputee and swimmer, represented Australia in the 50-metre breaststroke, 50-metre backstroke, 150-metre individual medley, and the 100-metre freestyle at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

Watch, listen and be grateful that our world has people like Moira Kelly.

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