27 JUL 018: We worry about animal welfare, cruelty and preservation, but personally I found this video particularly disturbing both because of the massacre of beautiful insects – yes, I know it’s hypocritical – I massacre them myself (mosquitoes, flies, whatever - as frequently as I can slap them down) – but butterflies are somehow different, and the pointlessness of capturing and then selling the dead butterflies, is very sad.

But let’s be fair. In, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia where this video was shot, the people, adults and children, appear to have no idea why the butterflies they capture and kill have any value – they only know that they do – and that this is a way to make a living.

The video ends with one explanation – but surely this is just one.

There must be some more significant reason that up to 5,000 butterflies a day are caught and killed.

There must be.

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