20 JUL 2018: You know we always like to end the week on a musical note and as this week has been somewhat hectic and stressful on a global scale, we thought a little upbeat Motown sound would cheer us all up. This seemed particularly appropriate.

Here are the lyrics - sing along with the incomparable Mary Wells :

My Guy

Nothing you could say could tear me away from my guy,
(My guy)
Nothing you could do 'cause I'm stuck like glue to my guy.
(My guy)
I'm sticking to my guy like a stamp to a letter,
Like birds of a feather we stick together,
I'm tellin' you from the start I can't be torn apart from my guy.
Nothing you could do could make me untrue to my guy,
(My guy)
Nothing you could buy could make me tell a lie to my guy.
(My guy)
I gave my guy my word of honor to be faithful, and I'm gonna,
You best be believing I won't be deceiving my guy.
As a matter of opinion I think he's tops,
My opinion is he's the cream of the crop;
As a matter of taste to be exact he's my ideal as a matter of fact.
No muscle-bound man could take my hand from my guy.
(My guy)
No handsome face could ever take the place of my guy.
(My guy)
He may not be a movie star, but when it comes to bein' happy we are.
There's not a man today who could take me away from my guy.

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