13 JUL 2018: Full disclosure: Frozen is one of the few Disney movies (or plays) I have never seen. I’m old enough to have enjoyed many of them the first time around (I can still remember going to the theatre to see Mary Poppins as a child) and relived most of the repertoire endlessly through my own kids (I would take Jungle Book over Barney any day of the week).

Of course, there’s been fabulous theatrical productions (like The Lion King) and the recent “live” incarnations of Tarzan and Jungle Book were excellent (Dumbo and others are on the way). All of which is to say, Disney’s release of the original Broadway cast recording of Frozen won’t likely end up in my collection; nevertheless, it will surely appeal to millions of others and to that end, and in honour of musical Fridays, we offer up this brand new behind-the-scenes music video of its best- known (and 2014 Academy-award winning) song “Let It Go.”

It’s the first time that the Broadway version of the tune, and Caissie Levy’s (Elsa) exquisite vocal performance, have been heard outside of the St. James Theatre. The video takes the viewer into the recording studio with Levy and into the backstage and onstage worlds of the cast of the Broadway production of Frozen.


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Michael Baginski

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