01 FEB 2017: TripXpertz, a virtual agency website network focused on the user experience that aims to drive brand and demand to its destination partners, launched yesterday in Toronto. Unlike most OTA’s, which are price and product focused, founder Brad Miron says, “This site will focus on enticing the consumer through rich engaging destination focused content.”

“Our destination partners love it – they get the concept – we provide a focused platform for engaging consumers.  This is not about price or product, this is about creating demand.

 “We have created a very clean site and user experience that is much more beautiful to look at and designed to help “flow” the consumer. It makes you say ‘OMG, I have to go there myself’.”

Consumers are tired of being bombarded with ads when they search online says Miron.

“Our ‘No Ads Guarantee’ ensures consumers are not led astray and confused with non-relevant ads, click bait. It is all about giving them relevant content.”

The initiative features many destination focused “child” and “grandchild” sites of TripXpertz. The first of these are MexicoXpertz and 10 sun and beach destinations in Mexico such as AcapulcoXpertz, with the Mexican colonial cities launching in spring 2017.  These sites will feature in depth travel content on Mexico and Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Mazatlan, Huatluco and Los Cabos.

TripXpertz plans to launch and hyper-grow a global network of destination focused sites in the next 36 months. The road map for 2017 includes the launching of USAXpertz, FloridaXpertz, OrlandoXpertz, CaliforniaXpertz, LasVegasXpertz, CaribbeanXpertz and EuropeXpertz.

Each site allows the consumer to first explore, and then to book packages, flights, hotels, car rentals and excursions.

“Unlike traditional OTAs, we are not focused on volume,” said Miron. ”We are focused on conversion rate. We start off with enticing the consumer using social media and data base partners in collaboration with our destination partners.”

The user experience will be entirely focused on the specific destination travel experience without the usual commercialization. Our sites are designed to eliminate “search fatigue”.

In Canada, the agency will be hosted by The Travel Agent Next Door. ”By affiliating with The Travel Agent Next Door, we avoid negotiating supplier agreements and we resolve the back end infrastructure - and we satisfy regulatory requirements.  This allows us to focus on what we do best … build brand and demand and increase passengers travelling to destinations,” said Miron, who has partnered with call centre industry veteran Lisa (Mona) Georganes in the virtual agency to handle TripXpertz’s Canadian fulfillment.

In the US, fulfillment for the sites will be provided by BestDay Travel Solutions and call centres in Cancun, Mexico.

Miron said the company is also launching TripXpertz in the US this week and will soon launch in the UK and in other English speaking markets.   French will be added in Canada in the future.

TripXpertz is IATA and TICO certified via their fulfillment partners in Mexico and Canada

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