14 NOV 2016:  Denise Heffron, vice-president of National Sales and Commercial at Transat, announced the travel company’s new Europe offerings at an industry lunch last week where guests also heard Transat has reverted to using only Transat and Air Transat as its key brands.

“There were many brands – Regent Holidays, Transat Discoveries, Nolitours, that’s just naming a few,” she said and pointed out over the years the travel company did consider a one brand proposition. “I’m happy to report that we have made the leap. We are only utilizing Transat and Air Transat brands,” she said.

“We did a lot of research and we found the greatest equity is in the Transat brand.”

Heffron noted earlier this year after months of internal analysis using an outside German firm to study how to better service clients, she disclosed how Transat is now seeing partnerships in a different way.

“This notion of one size fits all no longer works,” Heffron explained and added, “We deal with partners of all sorts, big and small, and all kinds of models.”

Transat plans to maximize its marketing programmes among partners. “You will notice we will be working more closely with you than ever before.” She said.

“Aspirational” Travel

Consumers will see Air Transat as the company’s generic brand in advertising campaigns. Guests saw a new 2-minute TV commercial promoting dream sequences as Heffron described those trips one anticipates after their bookings as aspirational travel. “People feel happy when they book travel.”

Watch the new commercial

The Airline

Air Transat’s new vice-president, Gilles Ringwald, describes himself as a pure airlines guy, whose previous stints include executive positions at Jet Airways, Thai Airways and Lufthansa.  He summed up this past year and outlined some future projects such as an Interlining Development Project to include an airline partnership strategy for better flight flexibility and more destinations.

“What we want to do is to expand the network and increase the frequencies and offer flexibility to the client,” he said of the new project which is expected to be introduced by November 2017.

Flexibility and increased capicity for 2017

Watch for more direct flights to 27 destinations in 13 countries from more Canadian cities (5).

Capacity has increase by 7 percent by adding new aircraft and there is increased frequency. Example: Montreal to Paris service will have 14 flights per week and Toronto to Athens service will have 3 flights  weekly.

Passengers can choose between one-city - or multi-city packages that combine up to four cities.

Fans of cycling tours can ride past castles in France’s Loire region, Portugal’s fabled vineyards in the Douro Valley or along the steep coast of Costa Brava. For families, groups and couples, the company reports six exclusive cycling tours are available in France, Portugal and Spain including airfare, accommodations, breakfast, baggage transport and itineraries.  For self-planners they can enjoy a variety of à la carte options to please all tastes and budgets.

Savvy Choice

As part of its commitment to make Europe affordable, Transat has introduced its Savvy Choice programme offering affordable accommodations for clients, who can choose the hotel star rating of their choice (three or four stars), and Transat will find them a hotel with that rating, and at a lower price than that of a confirmed hotel.

This option is perfect for clients who are seeking a deal and have no hotel preference. The name of the property is confirmed to the client a month before departure, along with their travel documents.

Guided tours in Europe

Transat offers some 40 guided tours in Europe. These are proven itineraries, strategically located hotels, experienced guides, a wide variety of inclusions – such as certain meals – and air-conditioned coaches.

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