14 OCT 2015:  When Brad Miron left TravelBrands barely two months ago, the only question was where and how soon he would surface.  Well the suspense is over.  TravelLab, the Science of Travel Marketing, was launched yesterday in Cancun Mexico by Miron, who describes himself as ‘Founder and Chief Mad Scientist.’

TravelLab offers the travel industry Marketing, PR and Promotional services, it combines intelligence and innovation to drive results. Says Miron.

“Its not just all pie-in-the-sky ideas. Far from it” He says.

“We use data, trends, coupled with clear objectives, past success and experiences and more importantly past failures and learning to create new ideas that meet the needs of our partners moving forward”

Before getting into the travel industry 17 years ago, Miron had his own marketing agency, and one of his clients was a (then) start up, itravel2000.

“As a marketer, I have seen the opportunity for years,” he told us,  “I almost went this route post itravel2000 two years ago - as with everything – it’s all about timing.”  

We asked about the thought and planning in such a project and he said, “thought and planning is what I do. If a partner wants things done now you gotta make it happen fast and look effortless.”

As for motivation, “My passion is to do cool sh*t!” He says enthusiastically.  

“There is nothing like waking up everyday and being able to create something from nothing.”

Miron says he, “has been very fortunate to work with a lot of cool creative people during my years in travel and pre-travel.”  

He has a deep network of creative videographers, designers, writers, social media gurus, PR people – and himself - to choose from depending on the skill sets required for a project.

“It’s kind of like the Jays right now with their bullpen...but without the outrageous salaries.”

The ability to bring experts in to match the project, means his clients get the benefit of expertise, creativity and knowledge at more reasonable rates.

Between Miron’s 13 years at itravel2000 and his recent posting at TravelBrands, he had a chance to work on a unique project on a recent start up, the Travel Agent Next Door.

“Brad was able to define the essence of what we wanted to do and come up with a comprehensive brand solution – from the name and the logo - to the tag line, he absolutely nailed it!  “ Flemming Friisdahl, Founder The Travel Agent Next Door.

TravelLab offers a variety of services for partners including Marketing Concepts, Campaigns, Strategies, Multi-Partner Programmes as well as Destination Representation and Crisis Recovery Campaigns.

When asked what type of clientele his company is trying to attract Miron said, “Organizations and companies who don’t want the same-old, same-old.  If they have identified they want assistance with a great concept or strategy to reach their goals and they want the thinking that came up with the ‘Let it Snow’ campaign and the people who drove an ice cream truck across the county to launch the biggest travel promotion in Canada…now you’re talking’

Although Miron realizes he can’t hang his cap on past campaigns like Let it Snow, or Time to Go to Mexico, he believes that everyday is a blank fresh white board ready for a new and more innovative concept and strategy to spring forth.

He is certainly enthusiastic and excited. “Man I am soooooo excited - especially about my new lab coat.

“I am trying to get as many victims as possible in photos with me with it on!”  And he sent us some to prove it.


The Lab Coat meets...
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