I f you want to get news about your product or destination out to the travel industry (and who doesn’t?) here’s how you do it. Get inFocus. This new feature of Travel Industry Today puts you in touch with 21,000 travel industry professionals every weekday morning. Sound good? It is.  

 Here’s how it works:

inFocus gives you a page on Travel Industry Today. It looks just like our regular homepage but this page is all about you.

You get to choose all the content.

You choose every banner ad and every article every single one about your product or your destination.

You can add images to the articles or just have copy – it’s your choice.

You provide the content or we can write it to your specifications – again your choice.

An inFocus click on the Travel Industry Today homepage links directly to your inFocus page - or choose to also have a separate banner ad on the homepage linking to your inFocus .

We can distribute your inFocus page separately to our readers – or even to your clients - the choice is yours.

You choose how frquently you want to update your information.

It’s all à la carte – it’s all about choice.

Choose what you want to tell the travel industry.

Choose what works best for your budget.

Choose to get inFocus.

Email us for more information at infocus@travelindustrytoday.com



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