02 JUL 2014: Kathleen Wynne strode, Andrea Horvath and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair rode, John Tory ambled and Olivia Chow danced through the streets of Toronto at Sunday’s Pride Parade. In fact, Toronto did itself proud as it hosted over two weeks of hugely successful World Pride celebrations held for the first time in North America.

They weren’t the only politicians participating. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau attended a Sunday morning event, and Toronto city councillors were out in force with Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam doing sterling duty by presiding over the opening ceremonies and flag raising at City Hall on June 20, where she silenced boos for the missing mayor with a simple, “This city is bigger than one man.” Wong-Tam also walked in all three Pride Parades.

A �needs-a-second-look-to-be-sure’ Rob Ford lookalike started out Sunday suited but finished in leather shorts.

It was a much larger than usual parade, with a huge international contingent, as expected, to celebrate World Pride. Organizers said 12,000 people registered for Sunday’s parade and crowds thronged the route. Water guns were much in evidence both from marchers and onlookers.

Various Ontario police forces, the OPP and the Fire Department drew noticeably enthusiastic applause from the crowd and they responded with smiles, waves and shouts of �Happy Pride.’ The firemen seemed to be having a particularly good time spraying and being sprayed.

The skies emptied as the parade drew to a close, but as the rain ended, the undeterred revellers were rewarded with the perfect close to World Pride 2014 - a rainbow high in the Toronto sky at sunset.

This is definitely one event where the pictures speak louder than words � so here just a few of the hundreds we took.

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