16 APR 2013: Jet lag sufferers listen up. The next time your client frowns at a European long haul because they can’t take the associated post-grogginess with all its prerequisite symptoms like super sleepiness for starters, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s what Joseph Adamo, vice-president of marketing and web commercialization for Transat Canada told local travel media at an ultra cool press briefing held at The Gallery in Toronto’s west end last week.

The buzz

The biggest selling points of the redesigned fleet of Airbus A330s are the LED mood lighting, the oh-so-soft Italian leather seats, and the new entertainment touch screens.

“It is our goal to provide clients with the best experience in leisure and comfort during their flights along with freedom and flexibility. As European jet-setters often plan to fly into one country and back home from another, we cater to these needs, too, by offering open-jaw flights to all our destinations in Europe at no extra cost,” Joseph said.

Inside look

Inside a repro cabin with mood lighting changing like a disco club, I bumped into Catarina Amaral, a seasoned Transat flight attendant with a huge welcoming smile and the kind of voice that would set any leery passenger’s mind at ease. She explained how people like to touch and how we’ve become very visual.

“From the lights to the touch screen you can watch the latest films, TV shows, and play games like Sudoku,” she says and adds the seating comes with a great hook for your jacket, has easier trays, built-in book rests, and a neck pillow.

Joseph notes, “Next month we will have six of these redesigned A330s flying. The first one went into service just under a year ago and the feedback has been universally positive.”

So what’s the hoopla on light therapy?

Here’s a breakdown:

Warm white light – This hue is used for sleepy time and helps stimulate melatonin production. Basically passengers relax easier. Heart rates are reduced too which is what you want in sleep mode.

Blue-rich cold light – Okay this is for alertness. Studies indicate the cooler light suppresses melatonin production. In a nutshell, you arrive to your destination with more enjoyment.

Red light – Fatigue can be reduced when this shade pops up at dawn and dusk. You’re feeling a simulated sunrise and sunset.

European Vacation

Canadians love a European summer vacation and no doubt with Air Transat offering the most direct flights in Canada (try 28 destinations in 12 countries), summering in the Old World sounds oh so much nicer as you doze into la-la land and awaken refreshed and ready to hit the legendary sights.

Air Transat will continue rolling out its new cabins until the end of 2014.

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Ilona Kauremszky

A regular contributor to Travel Industry Today, Ilona is a prize winning journalist whose writing pursuits have taken her around the globe.

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