16 APR 2018: Halifax Fire and Emergency services were called to the airport Saturday afternoon when the crew on an Air Canada flight from Orlando identified problems with the landing gear upon its approach to Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

AC 1219 blew out two tires but landed safely.

The CBC reports that Air Canada said in a statement that the plane got two flat tires during the landing. A spokesperson said she could not provide further details about damage to the plane.

The runway was shut down for over an hour as the Boeing A320 was towed to the gate.

"They had a wheel that wasn't coming down, and I guess just before they landed, it did come down," said Halifax Fire and Emergency Services division commander Greg Hebb told CBC.

"I guess there was some damage to the underside of the plane. It was a fairly rough landing."

Halifax airport spokesperson Theresa Rath Spicer said the plane landed safely at 3:45 p.m.

"However, it has to be inspected for potential damage and as a result of that, the aircraft has to be towed from the runway."

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