06 DEC 2017: It may give tourists pause, but Hawaii residents seemed unconcerned and tourism officials have told tourists not to be alarmed by air-raid drills. The state has dusted off its sirens which date back to the Cold War era amid growing tension with North Korea. Meanwhile, crew onboard a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong actually witnessed North Korea's latest missile test as the aircraft passed over Japan.  

A Cathay Pacific spokesman said, "On 29 November, the flight crew of CX893 reported a sighting of what is suspected to be the re-entry of the recent DPRK test missile.

"Though the flight was far from the event location, the crew advised Japan ATC (air traffic control) according to procedures. Operation remained normal and was not affected.

"We have been in contact with relevant authorities and industry bodies as well as with other carriers. At the moment, no one is changing any routes or operating parameters. We remain alert and review the situation as it evolves."

North Korea boasted that the weapon was capable of hitting the US mainland.

Just testing …

In Hawaii, sirens will sound once every month directly after the testing of the tsunami warning system, with the call to 'take immediate shelter. Get inside, stay inside and stay tuned.'

Hawaii Tourist Authority CEO George Szigeti said there is nothing for vacationers to be concerned about.

"Nobody in Hawaii is losing sleep over this. We feel that it's highly, highly unlikely that something like that would happen," said HTA

"Not a single person has made that call to us on the North Korea situation yet," Szigeti said.

Last Friday's test was the first since the final days of the Cold War in the early 1990s.

Hawaii is the nearest US state to the Korean peninsular

"We believe that it is imperative that we be prepared for every disaster, and in today's world, that includes a nuclear attack," Hawaii Gov. David Ige, adding that the chance of it actually happening is very remote.

The world was a safer place before November 2016.


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