11 OCT 2017: The UK pilots' union BALPA is warning that flights could be grounded unless the government reaches a deal with the European Union over Brexit. Commenting on suggestions by Prime Minister Theresa May that Britain might have to exit the union without a deal, BALPA general secretary Brian Strutton said it would be devastating for the entire UK aviation sector.  

"Unlike most other sectors there are no World Trade Organisation or any other rules to fall back on for aviation if there is no deal," he said.

"UK airlines could find they have to stop flying - it's that serious. And this would impact passengers long before March 2019 because airlines couldn't sell advance tickets and, frankly, would passengers risk buying them?

"It is utter madness for anyone to think that a Brexit 'no deal' would be anything but a total disaster for our world leading UK aviation sector and beyond.

"After all, without air cargo we will not be able to export or import freely. The entire industry has said that we have to see evidence of the post-Brexit plan for aviation now if we are to avert a catastrophic crisis of confidence."


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