11 AUG 2017: Eric Goggin is an east coast artist who produced an original digital image of Washademoak Lake in New Brunswick. When he priced it at fifty dollars and put it on line, the orders came in and Groggin found himself in the travel poster business.

Goggin hails from Salisbury NB and made a decision to create artwork highlighting cottage country.

He made some copies and when he posted his work on Facebook he got orders from across Canada, 12 states in the US as well as China, Africa and Australia.

He recently partnered with Bernie Michaud of Imprimerie Incolor Printing in Moncton to produce his posters.

Goggin chooses locations of popularity in Atlantic Canada.  

He uses a process of scanning his own drawing and digitally producing artwork reminiscent of the thirties and fourties to come up with his vintage-look travel poster.

Check him out on Facebook

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